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iPage is a web hosting company. It offers a wide range of web hosting solutions for online businesses and webmasters to create websites.

A customer mentioned, "I have had a number of issues with iPage for a long period of time and unfortunately didn't monitor the auto-renewal, so now I'm trapped for another 3 years. Beware of auto renewals without warning. Online chat only tech support is horrible and unhelpful, the main iPage site is super glitchy, and multiple email accounts continue to experience random errors where we can't send/receive emails. Paid well over $500 for licenses to upgrade a bunch of our emails to GSuite and iPage can't figure out how to make it happen so now we're stuck with non-activated G Suite licenses too. What a hot mess. Avoid iPage at all costs - there has GOT to be something better out there."


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Highspeed says

"IPage should not be in business. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE ASSHOLES. They charged my credit card without my permission, told me they\'d give me a credit and never did. I had screenshots of their false representations. I had to contest the charge with my bank, then had to ask for reconsideration, then had to ask for further review before my bank cancelled the transaction. They did everything they could to deny the refund for a charge when I got NO Service or benefit. IPage is sleazy, dishonest, and fraudulent. I would urge everyone not to deal with their fraudulent and unfair trade practices. They are scum, bile, and crooked. "

JimStinson says

"Periodically, iPage\'s certificate will expire and it will take you forever to get iPage to update it. Meanwhile, you will have to manually approve the certificate each time you use your email client. Each time you pay for your email subscription, iPage automatically locks all of your email accounts while it makes sure your credit card payment is legitimate. Even after they run the charge, you still have to call them and spend forever on the line with customer service while they turn all of your emails back on. Meanwhile, your organization will have lost all of the incoming emails."

Christian E Bolorinos says

"20mb upload limit basically renders it useless. Seriously what am I supposed to do with that? selfies? I cant upload wordpress themes or templates or anything."

Artur Shnayder says

"Emails support is extremely poor. I used to have 9 hours email delays, they told me this was due to wrong DNS MX record. According to their support, there was incorrect priority of the entry, which was specified, as "0" and it had to be "30". There's single MX entry, so priority doesn't have any impact. I wanted to provide them with headers of affected emails, but they refused. Another time I asked them about proper value of SPF entry, because my emails were rejected by some recipients. The didn't know what SPF is about."

MJ says

"This page is utterly useless. Keep billing and not giving details of what you are being billed for and no information on what your account is. No username info, no subscription info and very hard to get out This costed me a few hundred bucks before I got it sorted. Stay away! Do not go there."

Ken Lowe says

"They have sold their soul to the devil - run away. Auto-renewal before the due date and won't refund the money despite several pleas. On hold for several minutes, poor service. Misleading emails. No Reply emails with no clear indication that they are no-reply emails and now I have faced this issue twice - basically they have no sympathy for the unprecedented situation we all are faced with and continue with their malpractice."

Atul says

"Pathetic Service - Auto-Renewal is super misleading - Steer away."

OurCrib says

"Due to poor performance of our website, my company decided to transfer our domain to a new provider that would be able to support the speed needed to run our site. Ipage, would not accept the domain transfer stating we needed to wait 60 days and then told us that since our domain registration was expiring we would have to extend that by another year because that is the shortest renewal period. This would lock us with Ipage for 14 months. The alarming part that made us convinced this was a tactic of theirs was they kept asking us why we wanted to transfer and were persistent in trying to keep us. Technically they could not provide us what we needed. 7-8 seconds to load a website is unacceptable and trying to convince us to lower the resolution on our images is not an option. Who wants blurry images? These were not high resolution images by any means on our site. We are not a small business but a growing corporation who needs to maintain a high performing website at any cost and Ipage could not improve to meet our needs as a company."

Innopos UK says

"My god, this is the worst web hosting provider in the universe. Slowest hosting I have ever experienced, takes about 10 minutes just to log into the control panel on the odd occasion it lets you."

Marcus Reid says

"Cancelled my service, they still billed me the following year despite me having a different card than the one I used to pay with!!!! Infuriated that they won’t refund me despite this Legal claim with bank going through 😡😡"

Shlomo Isaacs says


Kushtrim says

"One of the worst mistakes I made since I started working online is using iPage. Their support is terrible, every new day means new problems"

Michel Ducamp says

"I cancelled my service on their website when they sent me a renewal. I have an e-mail confirming this cancellation. Yet they have tried to deny that fact TWO TIMES with AMEX. They make their profits not on internet hosting but on defrauding their customers."

Nikh Rao says

"I have been using Ipage since 6 years. Each year I repent. Believe me. The websites that i have on Ipage are minting no Money. No Business. I have been for 6 years because i have not scaled up and wanted cheap hosting. But these guys are scamsters. If you are doing real business, Ipage shouldnt be a choice at all. It is a DUMMY place first of all. The technicians suspend your websites without Notice. These guys block all good bots. They create malware and feed in. Virus/Malware/Spam is pretty much normal and Ipage would pressurize you to get in to another Premium hosting which is not reliable and stable. The technicians are not Technology driven. They manage space for hosting by suspending websites to make way for new ones and after sometime they suspend the new ones too. Afterall it is 0 business because they block all good bots for your website to be shown in the Search Engine, and you cant even market your products because these guys simply dont scale up. I have now built a Infra of my own and am migrating my hard earned code. Secondly they have GOOD for Notin Customer Support. If you want your Sites and your business to be profitable, Ipage is certainly not the choice. Spam attacks, Script injections are very common and ipage is vulnerable to these attacks"

Franklin Roberts says

"If the review platform would allow me to give iPage 0 stars I would. I have been with them for a couple of years and their technical service has gotten horrendous. Trying to get things done by their technical people takes forever and will only cause you frustration so please be aware of this before deciding to use their web services. Thanks."

Sobuj Mondal says

"Very very poor quality hosting and support... Never recommended... Free hosting is million time better..."

Vanessa Ramsay says

"This hosting company is not worth the pain in the butt. Research and find a reputable company, it is worth the extra couple dollars!! Not professional, would NEVER recommend."

T. Killeen says

"Horrendous service, support is awful, rude staff, don't know the basics when questioned, managers never contact you back - DO NOT get involved with them AT ALL if you can avoid it !!!"

Hector Carmenates says

"They left their services and subscriptions to get expired without notification to charge additional fees"

Kevin Green says

"IPAGE.COM has been stealing money from my bank account twice already. Each time for 6.95. I am now looking on who I can report them to. I am also going to close the card and have my pay and stuff put on another card to stop these scum from stealing my money. Stay away from these crooks and never give them a real card number. If you have to use them, I advise to use a gift card or throwaway card."

kishore dahal says

"Ipage Service is the worst ever. They just suspend sites without informing. Many businesses lost consumers because of Ipage hosting policies which is disgusting. Not good for Startups either."

Alfredo J. M. Rodrigues says

"I have been with Ipage for around 7 years and the latest upgrade they have made to the backoffice, which was during the 1st Q of 2020, was the worst I have seen in every supplier of IT. Not only the options to access the most commom tasks had disapeared as several tools available for example in their website builber just vanished. Before when I contacted support, they would be very quick on resolving issues, now everytime they ask me to wait for 3-4 minutes for whatever reason and then after 3 minutes they come up with "I'm still checking this for you. I may need 2-4 more minutes. Thank you for the patience. " for a simple question about for example: "How can I insert new objects to pages on website buildes as I was able to do on the previous backoffice". I feel like they have downgraded me, I feel so frustrated with them right now. I am starting the process of finding a new host. I have had it!"

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